Web Links

Here is a list of some links to websites you’ve met during SAM sessions

Tuesday January 16th 2018

Alice Sheppard share these links:
Galaxy Zoo – click here
Ashford Astronomical Society – click here

Tuesday July 18th 2017

Here are the links Dr Tucker sent

BigDog‘ – the robot dog
The face tracking site
Mitsuku, an algorithm that will try to have a conversation with you!

The Elephant project may be over but here’s a Kenya wildlife one to go with Chris Pollard’s September talk.

Tuesday October 18 2016

Here are links sent by Steven who talked about 3D printing:

Contact for schools to borrow resources including 3D printers: Click here

Interested in engineering?  Have a look at:
Institution of Mechanical Engineers click here or this site click here

More about the Bloodhound project:
Steve mentioned a name on the fin.
This £15 for a person, £50 for an organisation.  For more  information click here
General Bloodhound information click here

And here’s some other links that he’s sent
3D modelling software – Autodesk 123D click here
3D models for printers click here

Finally a link to STEM Learning (the new name for StemNET) here

Tuesday January 19 2016

After Jess Wade’s inspirational talk on science check her website here and see what she’s doing and what’s on that you might find interesting.

Tuesday December 15th 2015

Here’s a link to Professor Richard Wiseman’s Quirkology videos:

This is a link to a pdf file with details on hexaflexagon construction:
Hexaflexgons in Detail

This link goes to the Game of Life website:
Game of Life website

Tuesday September 15th 2015

Here’s a link to the European Space Agency website.

Tuesday February 17th 2015

Find out about careers in engineering at the Tomorrow’s Engineers site

Tuesday November 18th 2014

Marvin and Milo have lots of ideas for science experiments.

Tuesday October 21st 2014

This is the link to the Science Museum interactive games site – including ‘Hungry Mice’:  Games from the Science Museum

Tuesday August 19th 2014

These are links to the two on-screen games:
Play the game to see how the bug population changes
Can you work out which beak is best for each type of food?