More About SAM Events

SAM stands for Science And More and the SAM events are run by Adrian and Sally.  They are held at Adrian’s Tea Room in Gravesend.

An event for the over 16s has been running since June 2013 but Adrian and Sally wanted something for the under 16s too.  Then someone told Sally a story about a science lesson and ice-cream; it’s a story that can’t be told yet because it will be one of SAM events and to say any more would spoil the surprise.  But it sparked the idea of inviting people who know about the wonderful and weird world of science to come and share the excitement of their work.

However scientists don’t have a monopoly on interesting ideas so it was decided that the talks would be about ‘science and more’ and SAM was born.

Do you know a potential SAM speaker?

Have you seen a science demonstration that was just brilliant and you’d like others to see it too?  Or do you know someone who is an inspirational speaker about science or any other subject?  We’re always looking for new speakers.

Let us know in one of the following ways:

  • Talk to Adrian in the tea room
  • Leave details at the tea room – remember we’ll need to know how to contact either you or the speaker
  • email

Tell us what the talk/demonstration is about and why you thought it was so good.